Industries are changing at increasing rates. Disruption and innovation is the
order of the day. Small, agile, competitive players are emerging and eating the
lunch of traditional juggernauts.

The duration of competitive advantage is decreasing. Executive teams must
engage and collaborate more meaningfully.

CYCAN has created a transformational journey for leadership teams called
Leadership Alchemy. The program integrates the latest findings in neuroscience
and cognitive psychology to produce more collaborative and focused teams
and individuals who are more engaged and accomplished with a greater sense
of wellbeing.

CYCAN weave this theme of human dynamics and neuroscience
throughout their material on performance and left my team with the
knowledge and language to create and articulate the link between their
role as leaders and the health and performance of their teams. This has
resulted in a team of more effective leaders.”
- Melvin Jones MD Proconics

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Over the past 80 years, upwards of 65 percent of Mergers and Acquisitions
(M&A) either failed or gave a return on capital invested. The most cited reason
for this is leadership, cultural and human capital disparities.

One of the biggest risks in M&A is that the leaders in the business focus on
managing the post deal integration which results in them being distracted from
day to day activities.

CYCAN has delivered substantial value in minimising the cost, time and effort
in pursuing acquisitive growth.

“We simply wouldn't approach a merger or acquisition without going
through the CYCAN process: it mitigates against failure, and gives
management on both sides insights and information they wouldn't have
had otherwise.”
- CEO Large Listed IT Group

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