An imperative issue on the minds of global CEOs is the War for Talent. The best

talent is not found seeking opportunities in the open market, it is gainfully
engaged in meaningful pursuits.

The challenge of identifying, accessing, attracting and appointing these
leaders is complex.

What distinguishes them and their success is how they do what they do. This
speaks to values, leadership style, energy, commitment, conviction and

CYCAN’S Executive Search Practices enable you to access and engage
best-in-class executive and specialist talent across industry and business.

If you were undergoing a heart transplant could you compromise on the calibre
of the surgeon and the quality of heart?

CYCAN helped us negate the risk of appointing the wrong people in
our company when we founded it. We needed to have the right team in
place if we were to attract the right calibre of investment capital and
CYCAN was instrumental in achieving this.”
Claudia Koch Senior Partner Private Equity Fund


Regional Director: Europe, Middle East and Africa

His reflections in review 7 years post the SA hiring project.
“Hiring well is imperative in executing a business plan.”

This is the biggest issue facing leaders – to hire the best and the brightest,
quickly. Hiring should not get in the way of long-term goals and should be
driven from the top. Wrong appointments can generate a business philosophy
that’s as odds with what the leaders want. The focus at Microsoft is clearly on
being ruthless in the hiring process.

Bryan Hattingh was instrumental in establishing Microsoft in South Africa,
Nelson concludes. “Bryan Hattingh was the absolute foundation of the
South African subsidiary. The effects of what they contributed are still felt
today; the original hires are still there in key positions.

Bryan Hattingh helped me drive the strategy for the next two or three positions,
not only the first.

South Africa has been the fastest-growing Microsoft subsidiary in history, with
the best group of people.”
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