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How to be a future leader now

The SCARF model was developed by neuroscientists to frame and address the responses of threat and reward. Research and findings in social neuroscience, and the potential negative response in challenging situations, has resulted in practical, impactful and sustainable solutions. These are more relevant now than ever before. These studies reveal that the body’s neurological, physical […]

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Women are better leaders

LAST month, Harvey Weinstein cut a sorry figure in a New York courtroom, dishevelled, handcuffed and in a wheelchair. The once-powerful Hollywood producer was sentenced to 23 years in prison for sexual misdemeanours that fuelled the global #MeToo movement. He once again drew attention to the dangers of toxic masculinity. Consider this, HR refers to […]

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Work-Life Balance: an illusion

Companies eager to please the workforce have ‘templatised’ this vexing question of work-life into a set of deliverable actions – flexible working hours, working from home, Friday bars, generous paternity leave etc.  All of these mask the core issue, isolating work and life as two opposing states of being.  This separation is rather unrealistic when […]

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Standing Alone – Together

There is increasing awareness in business of the value and imperative of servant-based leadership as a model for building positive, hopeful and collaborative teams, organisations, communities and societies. This is concomitant with what we define as “Exponential Leadership” which presupposes the proliferation of self-aware leaders with a coaching, agile and inclusive style – moving away […]


Seeking Abundance Within

Never before has so much information been available to us and so much learning and discovery being made. Yet all of it collectively constitutes what would be a tiny fraction of how much we don’t know – and don’t know that we don’t know. We rush from year to year, with bolder resolutions of personal […]