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How to enable your team to work remotely

Unprecedented change calls for new ways of thinking and problem-solving. We can no longer work the way we used to, and for those who think life will go back to ‘normal’ one day, have the biggest challenge ahead. The time of COVID-19 has forced many businesses to make extraordinary changes in the way they work. […]

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Leadership: How to detoxify your workplace

How do you detoxify the workplace? Changing a toxic culture often takes intervention and external perspectives from a qualified leadership coaching company. This does not mean you, in your capacity, can’t make an impact. Small, meaningful actions done with the right intention can bring about change, even if that change only occurs initially within your […]

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8 Elements for Purposeful Drive

The 8 Elements for Purposeful Drive are simple enough for anyone to use. It is an effective tool due to its ability to clarify thoughts and personal strategies. As the year draws to a close, it is often the time for reflecting and planning. On that note, reflecting and planning should be an ongoing process […]

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What Neuroplasticity Means For Us

Neuroscience has given us incredible insight into how our minds and brains work. We are not our brain. We are just the user of it. The greater our understanding of it, the better we can use it. Take neuroplasticity for instance. Simply put, it is the brain’s ability to learn and develop at any age. […]


Passion and curiosity

“You need to find something you’re passionate about and do that.” “What legacy are you going to leave?” “You’re older now, why haven’t you figured it out yet?” “What are you doing with your life?” “Set better goals for yourself” Many people are not born with just one thing that they’re passionate about. Some are […]

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How to be Resilient

Nobody said it was going to be easy, or be smooth sailing, or that success was guaranteed. There are hundreds of thousands of books in the world covering topics such as business, entrepreneurship, success, power, wealth, leadership, influence, branding, and marketing. The resources that are available and the access to information are abundant and instant. […]


Love in February

The month of February has arrived. There is no escape from the flood of marketing and the ostentatious displays of objects that aim to represent a concept immensely complex, messy and often misdiagnosed. Love. “If it is conditional, it is not love.” – Jagadish Vasudev Not loving is much simpler and far less complicated. It […]


More of you in 2019

The New Year brings with it opportunities to reflect and rethink the way we live our lives. Many of us take some leave from our endlessly busy schedules to find a bit of balance and sanity. With this small break, we often find renewed energy and the intention to take a firmer stance on the […]