The New Year brings with it opportunities to reflect and rethink the way we live our lives. Many of us take some leave from our endlessly busy schedules to find a bit of balance and sanity. With this small break, we often find renewed energy and the intention to take a firmer stance on the things that take up our time.
This is where we adhere to the notion of resolutions; of reinventing ourselves and transforming our lives, the adage of – A New Year, a New You.

This phrase highlights modern society’s biggest flaw and the biggest blind spot.

We are constantly bombarded with information about the latest trends in fitness, the newest superfoods we should be consuming, more advanced technologies and endless workshops and courses available to improve our skills and get ahead in the competition.

People have forgotten that – we are already enough. We have everything we need to make the changes we want.
This year, instead of trying to improve or reinvent yourself, why not try being more of You? “But how?”, you may ask. This is a fair question given that this is rarely spoken about.

These three suggestions may give you a good starting point to being more of you:

  1. Meditate

I’ve sat in many seminars and workshops where the presenter spoke about the amazing benefits of meditation and the importance of integrating it into our lives. They tell us to wake up 30 minutes earlier to practice meditation and suggest that if we really want to improve ourselves, we should wake up an hour earlier to meditate and exercise. But looking around at all the attendees and even noticing my friends, colleagues and family, everyone is tired. If anything, people need more sleep.

Rather than trying to fit meditation into an already chaotic schedule, instead, integrate it into the things you already do. For example, when you’re having a cup of coffee or tea, focus only on drinking it and nothing else. When you’re standing in a queue, focus only on your posture and nothing else, when you’re stopped at a traffic light, for those few seconds, focus only on your breathing and nothing else.

Meditation brings you back to yourself.

  1. Create

We are, by nature, creators – although mostly of disorder. Humans are the only species known to invent and design. It is astounding to observe the progress that has taken place over the last mere 50 years. Everyone has creative gifts and it’s up to the individual to test and explore what those are. Don’t be limited to the conventional forms of creativity like drawing or painting. Creativity also comes in the form of music, language, movement, strategy, organising, dressing-up, gardening and cooking.

Discover what you have.

  1. Engage

Connect with people on a deeper level and have conversations that leave you feeling refreshed and contemplative. People are craving more intimate relationships, not sexual but spiritual. Hearing someone out and being heard in return are vital components  to our wellbeing and sense of purpose. When we get the opportunity to be heard, we gain clarity. When we give others the opportunity to be heard, we fulfil our need to belong.

Connect with something greater.

These are very simple and basic actions but form the very foundation of a healthy, functioning society.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with aiming to improve yourself, just don’t let it be at the cost of your true nature.

Happy 2019!