Never before has so much information been available to us and so much learning and discovery being made. Yet all of it collectively constitutes what would be a tiny fraction of how much we don’t know – and don’t know that we don’t know.

We rush from year to year, with bolder resolutions of personal shift and change, whilst working in an increasingly demanding world that wants more to be done with less and within shorter timespans.

We are expected to make decisions extemporaneously. These decisions can be critical ones and have to be made without having had the opportunity to interrogate and calibrate the full array of criteria.

This is often exacerbated by the absence of a clear set of plans or goals and we then do so on the basis of face value in a framework of avoiding loss or making a gain.

Our brains are programmed to have twice the propensity to avoid loss or respond to fear and threat than pursuing something meaningful or positive.

A big step in the right direction is to foster our inner child.  Not only to reflect on it or ponder on memories – which for some may be blurry and difficult to go back to the early days in our lives.

The reality is that our inner child is still at the core of our being, and we need to step into that space and entertain the magic of its curiosity, creativity, spontaneity, sheer passion for life and most importantly the natural pursuit to love and be loved.

At the heart of true love, we find the origins of mercy which we can build upon. It is a quintessential quality, which helps define great character, particularly in the current times of increasing paradox, uncertainty, and social polarisation and prolific demonization that prevails.

It is easy to sit upon the seat of judgement – often in the hope of directing focus away from our foibles and sub-standard performance – and blame individuals or groups who are different from who we are.

Ponder on the realisation that we all have the same blood, flowing through our veins – categorised as types A, B, AB and O (positive or negative). At the heart of each of us, lies the longing to travel through life building relationships of love and trust with our families and friends, and imparting value and contribution to this profoundly amazing life and the world.

Let us pause and embrace our inner child and become at one with the authentic and unabridged people we are and can become, and encourage and respect that in those around us.

It’s a choice, let’s choose well.